General Information:
The Directed Reading Program (DRP) is a program in the math department that pairs interested undergraduates and graduates students for independent study projects. Selected undergraduates will work with graduate students to read a particular math book or paper over the semester.

Why should you do this program?

  • Gain one-on-one mentoring from a current graduate student.
  • Get to know other students and mentors at DRP social events.
  • Learn some cool math outside the standard curriculum.
  • Learn background material for future reading course or research project.
  • Develop a topic for junior paper or senior thesis.

Spring 2023 Program Dates:
Application Deadline: Thursday, January 26 by 5pm.
We will start pairing as many undergraduates and graduate students as possible on Friday, January 27. 

Students who applied by the deadline should recieve an email by Tuesday, January 31, and plan to have their first meeting in the next week.
We will be in touch in early February to check if you and your mentor have found a mutually agreeable project.

The end of the semester symposium will be Monday, May 1 at 12-2pm: undergraduates will give a short (15 minute) presentation on their project.

Final reports will be due by May 19.


If you have any questions, then email us at